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Kalamazoo UK Visible 10 Binder

Visible Binder –
The Kalamazoo Visible Binder is used for inventory control at the factory floor by the storekeeper where quick retrieval of records for inventory is required. Forms may be printed to customers requirements. Standard forms are available for a wide range of applications.

Kalamazoo has a wide range of systems to suit your requirements from basic stock records of 60 records to 400 records. Whatever your recording requirements, we can design and print a form for you.

The Kalamazoo 1411 Visible 10 binder has been developed with the help of our customers to give a secure but instantly visible overlapped Inventory Recording System. The binder is produced from a strong moulded plastic making it tough and hard wearing. The mechanism interlocks to keep the records securely in place, yet opens to give natural writing surface. Each divider has index tabs to aid in the location of different categories of records. Within each divider the visible sheets are overlapped giving a clear visible edge at the foot of each record. The Binder Visible 10 1411 can hold 200 reords

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Available soon the Triform FT Vis 15 Binder.


Kalamazoo Malaysia Minute Binder Systems

Kalamazoo Looseleaf Binders A4 and 139 For Minute Binders. 100% Compatible. Made in Malaysia

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