Kalamazoo Malaysia Minute Binder FT 139 set c/w 200 Minute Sheets (2022 Promo)

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This model of the FT Minutes Binder  is made in Malaysia and is the most economical of the range. It comes with either a 139 or A4 FT Minute Binder with 200 sheets of Minute papers. Covers are made of PP rigid Plastic and can be gold stamped to your requirements for an additional fee. Binders are available in black. Binder fits all standard Kalamazoo Minute. It is also marketed under the Triform Brand  and fits all Kalamazoo A4 or 139  printed Minute sheet spacings.




Kalamazoo Malaysia Minute Binder Systems

Kalamazoo Looseleaf Binders A4 and 139 For Minute Binders. 100% Compatible. Made in Malaysia

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